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Michael Allen

Michael Allen grew up in Orono, MN and attended Benilde-St. Margaret’s for high school. It was at BSM where he became involved in service learning. Allen attended Regis University in Denver, Colorado where he became more involved in building community and specifically helping people experiencing homelessness. After graduation, he began working in the Twin Cities, helping familes who had been homeless move into their own homes. 


After many years of working with families experiencing homelessness, Allen founded My Very Own Bed in 2014 with one goal in mind: to provide new beds to children in families who have recently moved into stable housing. What struck Allen profoundly during his years of work was seeing kids in poor sleeping conditions. He wanted to make an impact on these kids and give them a safe place to call their own.

My Very Own Bed delivers new beds and "dream kits," (including a pillow, mattress pad, sheets, blanket, stuffed animal, and book) directly to families. 

Since 2014, MVOB has provided more than 5000 new beds to kids in the Twin Cities and has raised over $2.5 million dollars for the mission.


Outside of leading MVOB, Allen enjoys spending time with his 5 month old son Theo and wife Natasha, traveling, cooking, biking and fishing. 

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