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The first ever Summer Camp Enterprise Minnesota will take place June 21-24, 2021. This new camp will work with younger up-and-coming entrepreneurs (students enter grades 8 through 10). The fictitious National Lemon Growers Association is looking for innovative ways to promote lemons and lemonade stands in communities across the country. Working in teams, these young entrepreneurs will design a program to promote lemons and lemonade stands! They will learn how to develop a business plan and important marketing concepts, such as identifying the target market for a product or service and how to promote it, and how to carry out the plan.


Mentors with real-life experience will be on hand to guide your team through the process. Though the adults will share their business know-how and presentation skills, each team will be driven by their imagination and creativity. The program will conclude with your team making a presentation to a pretend panel from the National Lemon Growers Association seeking to select which team or teams will be hired as interns to roll out their plan to recruit, train and encourage other kids to operate their own lemonade stands!


Want to know more? Contact 2021 Camp Enterprise Chair for information at

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