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Dana and Peter Smith

Hi, we are Dana and Peter Smith, married couple and owners of MinnyRow Market (MRM), a boutique grocer that specializes in locally sourced and ethically produced foods. Our goal is to create a community around the local food and products we carry. We want to simplify shopping local and provide a space with a wide array of products. MRM is a result of the owners’ unique backgrounds, a place where customer service meets food. 

Dana’s background and passion is customer service. She graduated from the University of Saint Thomas, majoring in journalism. Prior to meeting Peter, Dana developed insight into retail sales as an educator at lululemon. She left lululemon to help open Nordstrom Ridgedale as a denim specialist and furthered her expertise in customer experience. Peter’s background is in food. He graduated from Le Cordon Bleu and held various kitchen jobs, most notably as sous chef at Campiello in Eden Prairie.


After starting a family, Peter left the world of cooking to move up the supply chain as a sales representative for Sysco Minnesota, leaving that job in June to focus full time on MRM. 

Together we will create an environment at MinnyRow Market that educates the importance of local food while allowing the customer to feel like an old family friend each time they step inside our store.


MRM customers can conveniently shop local while supporting small businesses across the state. We believe in keeping your friends close and your farmers closer. We also believe that small changes in the source of your food consumption can make a large impact on your community.

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