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Lloyd Campbell

Service Above Self was Lloyd’s motto long before joining the Rotary Club of Glenwood, Minnesota, on July 19, 2012.


Lloyd grew up on a small farm in Edmondson, Arkansas. After graduating from high school and moving away, Lloyd received his BS from Oklahoma State University and an MBA from The University of Chicago in Marketing and Finance. Lloyd worked for Janssen Pharmaceutical, a Division of Johnson & Johnson, and later a small consultant firm.


After joining Rotary in Glenwood, Minnesota, Lloyd took an active role in developing its website and bulletin, serving as international committee chair, and re-establishing the Youth Exchange Program in Glenwood. He eventually served as club president.


Lloyd received Service Above Self Award two times, Rotarian of the Year award, and the Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Glenwood Chamber of Commerce. On the District level, Lloyd served as Member of the International Grant Committee, District Grants committee, a facilitator for PETS, and served two years as district membership chair.


Lloyd is married to Dr. Rwanda Campbell. They have two sons. Dr. Campbell is a member of the Rotary Club of Minnesota Veterans.

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